Increasing the value of your home

A new found comfort

Our experienced team of painters & decorators will help:

  • Transform your premises to your desired features
  • Deliver interior or exterior painting, decorating or refurbishing
  • Work efficiently around your personal schedule
  • Create a vibrant and welcoming home for you

We always clean up our painting and decorating equipment after our work – that’s what makes us ‘invisible.’ We make sure you can use and enjoy your home whilst the redecoration works are completed.



Our wealth of experience as residential and commercial painters and decorators in Chilliwack, allow Integrity Painting to understand that you want an excellent service and minimal disruption to your daily routine. We will redecorate your residential premises using a timetable that suits you, whether that is overnight, early mornings or at weekends.

Integrity Painting are pleased to announce the range of Paints and Stains to our range of premium, eco-friendly residential painting to our decorating options. Integrity Painting remain one of only a few companies making a complete range of traditional and modern paint finishes at the highest level of quality.

Why Choose Us?


We’ve done office, residential and retail refurbishments in a weekend.


Unlike others, we tidy up at the end of every day of work and we work hours which suit you.


Competitive rates and a ‘no hassle’ guarantee.

Integrity Painting

Whether it’s a residential painting job that’s big or small, you can be assured our team will deliver exceptional results. Feel free to get in touch with Integrity Painting for a no obligation quote – our team will leave you a very happy customer!